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Father of the Brides and they are 6 and 4.

When I was in college I had a feeling that I was going to have daughters. I didn’t think about it much until I saw the movie “Father of the Bride.” I have always been a big Steve Martin and Martin short fan. Put them together in a movie and I’m going to watch even with a title like “Father of the Bride.” I knew I was in for trouble when I got misty eyed the first time I watched it. Thankfully I was solo at the time. I’ve held that secret for fifteen years. Anyone that knows me well knows that my thoughts are generally future based. I can envision my life many years in future. Being single and not in a serious relationship at that time I often wondered what it would be like to be married and have kids. I may have been one of the only guys I knew back then who really wanted to get married. I’m thankful I had enough sense and patience to wait for the right girl and not go down the wrong path just to fulfill a desire on my own instead of letting God’s plan work itself out. It’s amazing to see how he was working in my life even when I wasn’t following him.

Fast forward fifteen years to a Saturday afternoon. I’m thirty-five, happily married and father to two beautiful little girls, six and four. My oldest is at the age of wanting to watch movies with actual people in them and not just Disney Princesses. My wife and I are very conscious of what they watch and don’t let them watch to much TV that’s outside of their age range and if it is it’s usually something we have previewed. It’s impossible for them to unsee or unhear something.

My daughters have been fascinated with our wedding album so I knew they would have an interest in the wedding portion of the of Father of the Bride. From the beginning scene where George Banks (Steve Martin’s character) is speaking of his daughter my eyes began to water. I knew enough to stay in the kitchen working on dishes so they wouldn’t see me crying every 10 minutes. Okay it wasn’t that bad but close. The scene that kills me is when he is thinking about his daughter growing up through the years. The movie shows his daughter as a baby, then around 4, 8, teenager and then to the present time in the film. My future oriented brain ran me through the same sequence with my daughters. It is so true that sometimes your brain doesn’t know the difference between thought and reality. I could see myself walking them down the aisle and feeling the emotions of them growing up and leaving the nest. I teared up like a leaky faucet. I wasn’t sure if it was the thought of them leaving or the pain of how much a flipping wedding is going to costs.
I made the through the movie and took a big breath ready for a shot of testosterone from some sports watching. No such luck because part two came on right afterwards. In the second one George Banks’ daughter and wife both get pregnant. It’s hilarious and my girls enjoyed it more than the first. As the movie neared the end I was on the couch cuddled up with both girls watching as George Banks held his grandson and daughter. I held mine tight remembering when each was born and thinking about the day when I will become a grandpa.

I’m so glad there is not it a part three. I found the Spartan race on TV and watched amazing athletes at work. After an emotional morning with the movies and doing several loads of dishes and laundry while my wife was out I needed so man time. That being said man time was hard to do even with the Spartan race on as my girls pranced around the house singing.

I believe the college version of me who first saw the movie thinking about being a dad would be pleased with the wonderful family I have. I really look forward to seeing my daughters get married and I will be pleased to walk them down the aisle. I pray for their future spouse and ask God to bless them the way he blessed me. I also ask him to give the girls patience to wait for the right guy and not rush marriage. I think one of the greatest causes of divorce is people getting married to people they really shouldn’t marry and don’t know it because they rush.

I look forward to being Father of the Bride some day just glad I have a long time to wait and be the main man in their lives (I’m also thankful I have some time to save up for the weddings).



Where Did All the Football Go?

With the Super Bowl just around the corner and the college bowl season a recent memory, something occurred to me, this year I may have watched the equivalent of 8 quarters of football.  In the same span of the football season I have watched a thousand hours of Disney Princesses. Tangled is by far my favorite movie.  No decision on my favorite princess. I’m leaning towards Cinderella. It has to be one of the old school princesses because at least they look normal, not like the new ones with eyes the size of baseballs.

Saturday mornings are no longer reserved for pregame with Lee and Lou, it’s Cookie Jar TV for me. As a result I now have to sing the Pajanimals song to put myself to sleep.  My DVR has changed so much that it now wants to auto save every Bubble Guppies episode ever made. I have more Disney Junior shows on my DVR than Tony Romo has interceptions (based on the grumblings of my friends who are Cowboys fans, that’s a lot).

I may not be the painted bare chest freezing weather football guy, but I do enjoy the game and sports in general.  If golf didn’t have four majors a year my sports watching life would be as exciting as a priest taking a nun to the senior prom, which wasn’t too much different than mine. I’m really kidding I had fun, just not as much as an eighteen year old boy dreams of. I digress.

I know my football and sports watching days aren’t gone forever. For the next few years though I’m hoping Texas A&M has a lot of night games because with two small daughters in the house my future Saturdays and Sundays are looking awfully pink.  In my world the epic ballet that is football may not grace the black box on the wall as much anymore and the sounds of squeaking shoes on the hardwood have been replaced with the sounds of my young girls performing the Nutcracker and other crazy dances. I’m really good with that change. That’s what parents do, we give. We give up some of our wants because deep down we truly want our kids more.

A quick glance at ESPN on the phone keeps me up to date on the sports scene when I run into friends with no kids or sports watching son. Maybe someday my girls will want to watch Tiger sink the winning putt (I’m hoping that happens again), but for now I am okay hearing “not that daddy, I want Mickey.”  I’m trading a little happiness for a lot of Joy.