My storage is full, now what?

February was an absolute blur. Business was bumping along quite well in the normal sense with new sellers and a slew of investor buyers and home buyers alike. We did a minor yet major remodel at the office which was done quickly in reality, but seemed like it took the whole month in my head. Ballet took the focus for a few weeks because of competitions for my oldest daughter. I’ve been staring at a half finished blog post for the better part of the month. I have started a blog on all we do for her ballet and my youngest’s theater passions. In the midst of writing we got word my oldest was invited to New York to compete in the national finals for the competition series she’s in. Thus the story for the post carried on.

My wife and I at this point are tired and at capacity. The problem is March is going to be even busier. Rehearsals for ballet and theater performances are in full swing which means every night we are tag teaming drop offs and pickups. I will do a more detailed post or even a video with my wife talking about our schedules. Our office is undergoing some fantastic changes and March is the big preparation month for April’s implementation. All this and I still have to run the business to produce income to support the home, the business and the activities. My internal hard drive is pretty darn full.

I’m sure you have things that keep you busy with work, family, hobbies, and activities. Modern life can be quite busy. Not going to say it’s worse than having to wake up to bale hay, milk cows and cut the back forty like our forefathers. There are so many distractions that compound the day to day and take mental and physical storage.

So how do you free up storage?

When you get this message what’s the first thing you do? Freak out? Stress out? Okay, after that. You see what’s taking up space. It’s most likely photos. Yep photos and memories take up a lot of storage on your phone, and mentally. Simple answer is to download them to a hard drive with more capacity whether its online or physical. Just like your photos you can actually download your “mental photos”. Prayer is the absolute best thing. Look, I’m not going to say I’m the best prayerer (is that a word). I don’t walk in to my closet and have any large ritual. I lay in bed when I wake up and spend about five to ten minutes in half asleep prayer. Is that the best? I don’t know, it’s just where I am now. Rather be real than fake. What I have developed is the habit of several prayer moments throughout the day. It’s kind of like auto backup. I honestly don’t know how we handle all we do every day. Without somewhere to download the stress, we may take it out on each other (trust me the days I don’t download are a little more hectic)

Deleting the unnecessary apps and files is another option. This one seems so simple and easy because in practical application it’s easy. The hard part is that it takes time to review and look at what’s taking your storage. In your life it’s what and who are taking your time, your energy, your money. Sometimes for me the best thing I can do is release a stressful client to the market place. Removing activities from your life that are not necessary is a good one as well. All the stuff you have said yes to needs to be looked at. At the time you said yes if may have been good, but now it’s not a priority. It’s truly better to disappoint people now versus not being able to fulfill your commitment because your stretched. The truth is they’ll survive without you and chances are someone else will be blessed with the opportunity. Getting rid of the unnecessary will allow you to focus on what you want. You can outsource things in your life to free up space as well. Getting a yard guy has been a lifesaver. I like cut grass just not cutting it. For me it’s worth the expense and removal of the stress.

Upgrade your capacity. Growing your business and family takes great capacity. Getting them successful takes even more. You need to be constantly building your capacity, both mentally and physically. I will admit I am much better at the mental. I am constantly learning and challenging my thinking. My physical capacity is not where I would like it to be. I have spurts of good and stretches of stress eating instead of stress running. Wine is a super food in my house. Not going to throw wine under the box truck (we love it by the box), however my water intake could use an increase. We all know what we are supposed to do, eat better and exercise . When we are at our best as a family this is where we are. I’m am obviously no expert on this and you should find someone that you like and a plan that you can do. The idea is to grow your capacity to handle the activities.

The biggest increase in capacity is leaning into those around you. Tethering is not only useful in a marriage it’s quite fun (wink, wink). Seriously leaning into those around you and knowing you have “tech” support can help you get the most of your current state. If Oakley and I didn’t have each others support and understanding of our crazy schedules we couldn’t do it. We both have our goals and they run in line with each other instead of against each other. The last thing you want is an energy drain because that defeats everything. Your spouse should rely on you for a boost of energy and you them. This comes from being there for each other and serving each other. We don’t have it down perfectly, but we do make a good effort. Both of us have for the most part gotten over being selfish in our marriage and work and live it as one. It’s our schedule, our money, our kids, like we are synced. To stay with the phone analogy, we both have our own apps and screens. We just have a lot of apps synced like our calendar and finances. Those come first then our own fun stuff.

When you start learning to increase capacity you’ll actually get ahead of the storage warning. Don’t worry when you get the warning though. Growth requires more capacity. I hope this gives you a few ways to increase it.

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