It’s Finally Time

Over the past few years my blog has resembled Ross and Rachel’s relationship, off and on every few months.  I guess starting off with a Friends reference ages me, which is precisely what I needed, more age.  The focus of my blog and soon to be podcast is sharing wisdom with other entrepreneurs who are struggling to balance family life and their business. It’s the epic battle since the beginning of time.  I’m sure even cavemen had this issue. They must have thought, “I hunt for family so I leave the family to hunt, but me feel bad for leaving family.”

Thousands of years later the battle continues with our hunting gear being a new smart phone instead of a club and a stone-ax. Some days I wish I could club my smart phone just to get some peace and quiet.   I needed more age on me to gain more wisdom and to be tested by fire.  I needed to struggle and overcome and struggle some more. I needed real world experience to share versus just spouting the best of self-help cliche album.  To many people on YouTube and blogs that speak about how to grow a business and raise kids have done neither (they have started a blog or YouTube channel as their business to tell you how to grow a business).

I wanted to have some success under my belt to add true credibility.  There are different levels of knowledge that philosophers philosophize about, “knowing that” (know a concept), “knowing how” (understand an operation), and “acquaintance-knowledge” (know by relation). Then there is a fourth which has many names, but I prefer “known knowledge” (known by experience) or experiential knowledge. The ancient Greek philosophers used the terms gnosis and epignosis, knowledge versus discernment knowledge.

For the past ten years I have been a full-time Realtor and father. I grew my business from a solo agent to over 20 on the team and I personally am in the top 5% of in my industry and have two amazing daughters.  I still struggle with life balance, money balance and growing the business, but not as much as when I first started. I always tell my team things don’t get easier you just get better.  Over the past ten years I have been in professional coaching, read hundreds of books, listened to thousands of hours of podcast and videos, and attended dozens and dozens of in person personal and business growth events.  I am constantly searching for how to get better and grow.  What I have learned is that there are times of intense growth where I make large leaps forward and then there are times where there is minute change that adds up over time. Then there are times where I do good just to keep from sliding back to far.  In times of crisis going back only a few steps is a real victory when losing hundreds of steps was at risk.

So the time has come where I feel I have the experience to truly help more people in their journey of balancing family and a business.  My goal for this blog is to first let you know that you are not alone in this never-ending balancing act of having a business and a family.  It won’t end until you do. That’s a good thing, the “ing” means there is life ahead. You’ll never get “balanced” and that’s okay.

My hope is that I can bring you wisdom through my experiences, my wins and my failures. I aim to bring you great interviews with other successful entrepreneurs and parents, a like.

This will be a place of hope, practical knowledge, how-to’s, laughter and crying.  After all, as an entrepreneur and parents that’s what our life is, an ever-moving roller coaster of emotion and organized chaos.

So welcome to and thank you for visiting. Please subscribe so you can see upcoming post. Visit my Facebook page at and stay tuned for announcement of the podcast very soon.

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