Slow Down Your Experience

Four years ago last week I became a father for the first time. It’s been an amazing journey that has taught me many lessons. One of which is  to embrace the little things more. In a world that is chasing the next big idea at a rapid pace, the little things are the most amazing things we have. I love the little laughs and the “aha” moments in my daughters eyes as they discover something new.  The “aha” and “awe” moments seem to be less frequent as we age. I am trying to rekindle my “awe” moments.  The world is full of amazing things we take for granted.  The fact that I can be typing in Texas and someone in India and Thailand will read this later still amazes me.

Watching my children grown is one great “awe” moment. Many things get lost in the day-to-day struggle to keep things in order in a fast paced world. I often hear “they grow up so fast.” The truth is they all grow up a the same pace. The speed we experience their growth is up to the parent.  By focusing on the little things each day one can actually slow down the experience they are having.  I know there are times my twenty-minute car ride with my four-year old seems to go by in a flash and other times it’s seems like a whole day. When we are engaged in conversation and talking of thing we see on the road it’s a period of true connection. When two people are connected in a relationship wether it be parent-child, husband-wife, or best friend to best friend the little things create an engaging experience that seems to slow down time.

Each day I try to remember that this day with my kids will be the only one of its kind we will ever have. Even just a simple hug held for a second longer or an extra “I love you” can make the day that much better. The last four years have flown by and also seem to have always been. My existence as a dad may have been short to this point in days, however my experience as a father seems to have outlived my previous 28 years.  Every day we have a chance to experience life to its fullest with the simplest of choices – embrace the little things or chase the big moments. If you catch a big moment you have a few great memories in your life. If you embrace the little ones you have thousands along with the big moments.

Till next time – embrace the little things and the little ones.

Joseph Cortez


2 thoughts on “Slow Down Your Experience

  1. I like your post. I’m having a first child myself thats coming in end of July. The baby wasn’t even born yet and I’m already experiencing unforgettable moments. I really feel your energy when you talk about life and kids that way. Keep up the good work. Some people don’t know how to live life effectively and happily, its up to us to teach those who need our help in wisdom.

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